Efika in Numbers

Why Choose Efika Technology?


Solar Plants

No more cleaning headache! Efika is here with the most efficient cleaning tools and the best customized cleaning plans. We are bringing state of the art automatic and semi-automatic cleaning robots to the solar market.


Solar Street
Lightning Cleaning
Solar panel efficiency will be decreased greatly if the dust, sand, bird droppings, or others accumulated on the panel. This self-cleaning function on the light can solve this problem, it’s 100% self-sufficiency, twice a day, swipe cleaning back and forth.
Cleaning Robot

  • Robot running along the edge of PV array, additional walking guide rail is not required
  • Using high-speed rotating natural filament roller, deep stubborn stains can be slackening off; Doesn’t scratch the surface of the component.
  • Robot speed of 7 m/min.

Manual Cleaning Tools

The manual cleaning tool from Efika is the perfect means to keep your solar panels shining with minimum effort and with no scratching or harm to the panels. Efika is here with the most economic and user-friendly tool for a lower soiling ratio and higher productivity.