Who we are?

An Egyptian manufacturer in the solar industry. Competing with nobody but ourselves. Providing 360 degrees kinds of services including solar panels cleaning, monitoring, and other cool solar devices like the solar charger.

Efika`s cleaning solution is designed to clean your entire solar park .It is designed for mid to large size solar power plants, with different power sources, solar panel and rechargeable battery and has the ability to work on AC source for fully autonomous operation. It can effectively clean the solar panels in dry or wet mode and consequently improve their efficiency to produce power more than 15%.

Meanwhile, Efika can save water, time, and labor to clean your solar farm in addition to increasing the lifetime for your batteries, inverters and panels.

Why you have to clean your solar panels?

Having dust, grime, or buildup on Solar panels can reduce solar system’s energy yields by up to 25%, and that a cause for reductions in energy bill savings in the Net metering system.

On the other side for off-grid system or Solar street lighting if the dust accumulated on solar panels that reduce the lifetime for batteries.